About Us

Welcome to the The Other Guy Recording & Sound service information page. We perform audio services for many different people. Yes, we record musicians, vocalists and bands. But we also can record your child’s recital or other musical event. We perform the following Audio and Musical services. Recording, mixing, mastering, replication, and printing.  24 Tracks Digital, 8, 4 and 2 track Analogue.  Analogue & Tube outboard racking.  Repair, restore and refurbish all types of Pro audio and “HIGH END” consumer audio devices.                                                                                                               Professionally clean vinyl recordings. Remember 90% of the noise is DIRT. Clean your vinyl to preserve the history. This is very important if you still play your vinyl as  regular cleaning will greatly reduce record and stylus wear, and improve audio quality.                                     Transfer analogue media to Quality CD audio. We work with the following analogue formats. Reel to Reel, cassette, vinyl at all speeds, even 8 track tapes. Maybe you have old “bootleg” concert tapes from years ago. DO NOT throw these away! MAKING THESE TYPES OF RECORDINGS SOUND GREAT IS A Proud PASSION!       What artists do you have hidden on those tapes? Preserve the history. Our quality control standards are high. When transferring from analogue to digital we listen to the entire transfer. We DO NOT set it up and “let it run”, that way if there are any surprises you don’t get them, we fix them. We can re-cover  your old amp or speaker enclosure with new tolex, corners, grill cloth, casters and feet. We can also build to your specifications. For more information  please contact us at info@theotherguyrec.com. Shop My Store on Reverb